Kloof, which translates to 'Gap' in Dutch, is a Clothing & Accessories brand born out of a conversation between me & my brother. One fine morning, over our late breakfast and a warm cup of coffee, within a span of good 15 minutes, I came up with this idea. 

The word Kloof insinuates the bridging of the 'Gap' between the products which have been designed, made & manufactured in

Europe (or around the world) and between you, the people of India. 

 All my life, I've had the beautiful opportunity to shuttle between two worlds, Holland & India. Holland has always been my second world, my constant, and it'll always be.


These worlds have shaped me up as a person, they've made me who I am today and I'm beyond grateful. All I wanted was to marry both these worlds together and what better way than this, to do that. 


Avina Borad